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WE’RE BACK… back in Tumbarumba

Once again we are basing ourselves at the Tumbarumba Caravan Park. Tumbarumba is a great launching place for the many awesome roads in the area and we are sure you’ll find one that suits your ambition and talent.

If you’ve been before, you know that we don’t hold your hands, no Road Captains or Corner Marshalls and definitely no “Be Polite” fluro vests. The only rules are “don’t die” and “don’t be a dickhead”.

The base for the eating and drinking and launching spot for Saturday’s riding, will be the Tumbarumba Caravan Park

The riding will be on some of the best roads in Australia, check them out on Google Maps

6th March – Friday afternoon: Arrivals. Unpack, have a few beers and settle in.
7th March – Saturday: BBQ Breakfast first, then the ride. We may come up with some lame way for you to spend some time out on the bike with some sort of convoluted points system for items collected…or not. That night we will feast and drink and tell tall tales about how fast you were.
8th March – Sunday: BBQ Breakfast, last minute hangover cures and ride home. 

The Caravan Park has lots of accomodation available, with fancy rooms and camping available. There is also spots in the pub which is a few minutes walk away, but we highly recommend the Caravan Park as it makes it easier to challenge each other to feats of strength after drinking a bottle of Rum. There is a supermarket nearby, that has a bottleshop to purchase aforementioned Rum.

See you in March.

The BIKE ME! Team


p.s. You will not get an actual ticket, but we will track payment and attendance via a list and maybe give you some sort of wristband…like a VIP one at that nightclub you tried to get into but they wouldn’t let you in because of your shoes or some bullshit.


  1. Will you have a tee this year? Dunno, haven’t thought about it. We might chat to Biffa and see what he comes up with
  2. What’s the go with food / meals? Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday as well as dinner on Saturday night is covered by your entry fee. Friday night you can grab a meal at the pub, Bowling Club or even grab some steaks / snags from the supermarket and host your own bbq.
  3. Can I bring a date? Sure, bring whoever you want – just remember the two rules.
  4. What if it rains? The event will still be on and we will still ride. Also, refer to FAQ #6
  5. Will there be anyone famous attending? Possibly, fame is so easy to come by these days so who knows…Borrie is sort of famous and Dan T should have a movie made about his exploits in 2018, so do they count?
  6. Can I get a refund if something comes up and I can’t turn up on the weekend? Maybe…as we pre-pay the catering the week before, cancelations after February 29 mean we will not be able to refund your money. Up to that point yeah, we will.
  7. I am a pretty successful business person in the motorcycle or motorcycling related field, and I would love to supply some of my product to be raffled off and proceeds go to a charity of your choice, can I do this? Yes, most definitely. You can make a note in your ticket purchase or better still send an email to [email protected] and our people can talk to your people.
  8. When I bought my ticket the cost was a bit more than $80, why? Well, PayPal charge a handling fee and that little bit extra covers it. Yeah, we could just add it to the ticket price, but a ticket cost of $82.43 is just weird and maths is hard.
  9. Some years have had a band and a jukebox, will this happen this year? Band, no…jukebox…maybe. One year some smart-arse cut the power cord to the jukebox so we will think about it. Swifty might just bring a bluetooth speaker and play Spotify…who knows.
  10.  On the Saturday, will it be a big group ride? Usually not, although many people will be riding the same roads. Some people get up at sparrows, some sleep in. These discussions and plans are usually made on Friday night and or breakfast Saturday morning. We keep it pretty loose. We are all adults. Talk to others and join in if they sound like your type of people. Just be wary of a bloke named Benny who looks 12 years old. He is deadly fast and keep up with him if you dare. Many have tried.


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